Planting advice for gardens

If you are planting in flower beds, we suggest that plants are planted in groups of 6-8. This will insure good pollination between plants and help to create blocks of colour through out your beds. Items in the shop will have height guides on them, allowing you to plan beds that have brilliant structure as well as being great for wildlife.

Planting advice for meadow creation/restoration

If you are planting to create or restore a meadow, we recommend planting 6-8 plants of a single species within a meter square. It is up to you to decide how many meter square blocks you plant, but for a good coverage we would suggest planting 40-60 meter square blocks (240 - 480 plants) per Hectre. This will allow the plants to establish and then spread out through good management (a single cut each year when they have set seed). Keep in mind the position of the plants within your meadow. Late flowering species that won't have set seed before you take a hay cut, such as scabious and betony, are best placed in field margins so as to avoid the hay cut.