Greater stitchwort flower

About Us


Nature's Nursery is a small, family-ran nursery located on the edge of the Peak District National Park. We have always had a love for wildflowers, looking after our 20 acres of haymeadows to promote flowers above grass and profit. Launched in 2020, Nature's Nursery aims to promote native UK wildflowers, whether in your garden or as part of meadow restorations.

Common blue butterfly on common knapweed

About Our Plants


Plug plants are by far the best way to establish wildflower meadows. Seed mixes give variable results and often contain non-native species or horticultural varieties, which aren't the best for wildlife. Plug plants have a much better success rate and you know exactly what you are getting and where you have planted it.

Our plants are all grown from seeds hand-harvested from our wildlife-friendly farm. All of our plants are grown in peat-free compost. This makes them great for the environment and means we help to keep peat in the ground, providing wonderful habitats for wildlife elsewhere in the world. Our plants are cared for from sowing in the autumn, right through to when they are posted out to you the following year. Any left over plants are re-planted on our farm, helping to boost the population here and ensure we have sustainable seed sources going forward.

Wildflower meadow

About Our Farm


Located on the edge of the Peak District National Park, our 20 acre farm is a haven for wildlife. Whilst we aren't certified as organic, our farm has seen no pesticides, herbicides or fertiliser used on the hay meadows here for over 30 years, which is about as organic as you can get! The hedges are unkempt, producing a profusion of berries for the birds to feed on. The woodlands are awash with bluebells and wild garlic, with pied flycatchers singing from mid-April onwards. It is a beautiful place and we want to help you recreate these wonderful habitats on your patch too.