Mini-Meadow starter kit

Mini-Meadow starter kit




    One tray of 15 x plug plants, containing common knapweed, devil's-bit scabious, oxeye daisy and meadow vetchling.


    If you are after setting up a mini-meadow in your garden, then this is the best way to do it. No more disappointing seed packets that don't germinate or contain non-native plants that aren't great for wildlife. The mini-meadow starter kit will get your meadow underway and is full of plants that will easily expand your wildflower patch year on year. Brilliant for bees, butterflies, grasshoppers and all other kinds of insect life, you can't go wrong with this one!


    Once delivered your plants will need watering. They can be planted out at any time of year, but will need watering well until they are established (8-10 weeks).


    Plants purchased in the autumn will flower in the following year. Plants purchased in the spring and summer are unlikely to flower in the first year. However, being perennial, they should flower every year going forward.


    Please see our Planting Advice page for more information.


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